God of the gaps

Atheist: God of the gaps!
Christian: Cute slogan.
Atheist: It refers to a failed argument.
Christian: Humour me: where’s the argument?
Atheist: Throughout history, God has been used as an explanation for things that science has later shown to be caused by natural processes.
Christian: Granted. But that's no argument. Does the slogan imply that every time God is used as an explanation science will eventually discover a natural process.
Atheist: Close enough.
Christian: What about an explanation for the laws of nature?
Atheist: Those laws can be explained by other natural laws.
Christian: By laws we don’t know yet?
Atheist: Sure.
Christian: Turtles all the way down?
Atheist: Cute.
Christian: But seriously: you can’t explain the laws themselves without recourse to something beyond the laws of nature.
Atheist: Perhaps, but whatever it is, it isn’t God.
Christian: That’s your prejudice speaking.
Atheist: We can’t have God of the gaps!
Christian: Don’t beg the question: that’s what we are attempting to establish.
Atheist: But the origin of the universe is a logical minefield, impossible to navigate sensibly. There are no other gaps to speak of.
Christian: Except life. And personality. And consciousness. And rationality. And morality. Every important thing, in fact, that makes us human.
Atheist: Evolution. Evolution. Evolution. Evolution.
Christian: Nice try. Life is prior to evolution. And the rest are no less mysterious.
Atheist: But God isn’t an explanation of any of them.
Christian: Because we can’t have God of the gaps?
Atheist: Exactly.
Christian: That’s what I thought.