His Encounters

Ten Lepers
Healing a leper had all the significance in the world. But one of the ten received a special blessing.
A Foreign Woman
Not just a Samaritan, but a woman. Not just a woman but an adulteress. She is shocked that Jesus would even talk to her. And not at all prepared for what he would say! 
Zacchaeus, the chief tax collector in Jericho, would undoubtably have been one of the most hated people in the city. Then Jesus comes to visit...
A Paralytic
Desperate to meet Jesus, this man's friends arranged for him to drop in while Jesus was teaching. But he wasn't quite expecting his reception!
A Sick Woman
Marginalized because of the law, she breaks even more laws (hoping to keep it secret) to come near Jesus. What will she do when she is discovered?
A Blind Man
Have you ever asked, "why me?" The disciples asked "why him?" And Jesus' answer could change your life.